Core to our values – people of ITS

Posted on December 14, 2018 by

The ITS leadership team celebrated the end of a successful year and upcoming holiday season with 140 people at the Faculty Club. People that made and continue to make a difference at the University of Toronto. They contribute to making life – teaching, learning, research and working together – easier, more efficient and highly-connected for staff, students and faculty. From ACORN to Quercus – ITS delivered in 2018.

In between the festive treats and catching up with the ITS team, the subject of values came up. Actually, I asked the questions to those gathered. What ITS value resonates with you? What behaviours support these values? And contrarily, what actions are outside of our values? Definitely food for thought as we venture into the next leg of our IT@UofT journey in the new year.

Earlier this spring, we shared the values that were developed by the ITS team. We continue to see them demonstrated at U of T and ITS in particular, and they matter. I continue to receive positive feedback about the people in ITS, and most of them tie back directly to our values. The values seem to resonate, are straight-forward and can be used as a compass. The following quote simplifies this: “When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” – Roy Disney.

The ITS core values are:

  1. Service and Operational Excellence
  2. Creativity and Critical Thinking
  3. Teamwork
  4. Shared Leadership
  5. Culture of Learning

Learn more about ITS core values and watch the 2018 year in review video montage to see our team living their core values every day.

If you have stories to share about you or your team demonstrating the ITS core values, reach out to, and don’t be shy about calling out people who live into their value – use the True Blue award or our team site.

Thanks for a great year – it is an incredible pleasure to work with such talented and dedicated people.