About the CIO

Posted on November 25, 2019 by

Photo of Bo Wandschneider

Bo Wandschneider became Chief Information Officer at the University of Toronto on May 1, 2017.

A respected IT veteran, Bo Wandschneider has spent 30 years in higher education information technology, first at the University of Guelph and more recently as CIO and Associate Vice Principal, Information Technology, at Queen’s University. His early years included a decade in an academic unit where Bo was embedded in the research enterprise and actively engaged in teaching and learning. These experiences have allowed him to develop a deep appreciation and understanding of the needs of the academic community.

During his career, Bo has been through two institution-wide email migrations; introduced an Administrative Systems Steering Committee to oversee the prioritization of enterprise administrative projects; and developed an ITS Strategic Plan. He has led and developed several partnerships around research data management, discovery and analysis, including a lead role in the formation of the ODESI project through Scholars Portal. Bo also has experience reorganizing an ITS leadership team, starting what Bo refers to as a “cultural change process”.   

A truly collaborative leader, Bo is well known across Canada for the breadth and depth of his knowledge, his desire to build partnerships, and his openness and willingness to share information and expertise with colleagues and staff. A frequent presenter at various professional forums such as Educause and CANHEIT, Bo is known as a visionary thinker and an effective strategist.